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What is CZGitfting?
While searching online for means to make money, it can get tougher and tougher as you browse from one site to the othere. CZGitfting is one unique system that makes things easier for everyone to earn online simply sharing their links... Grab your free link, Receive $5 entry bonus, and start earning $0.01 each time someone visit us using your LINK... Yes it's that Simple, no Registration required! That's CZGitfting...
Can i cashout my earnings?
Of course, you can request payment as soon as you reach the threshold of $30 as free member or $20 as a paid member. You can request to be paid using any of our accepted payment method.
What free and paid member?
It's completely free to earn money with COINZGLOBAL, although you are recommended to be paid member to earn more. A free member is anyone joining CZGitfting by visiting a friend's URL/LINK. Becoming a paid member is not mandatory and cost $34.95 There are lot of advantages for becoming a paid member such as earning $0.01 for links visit of your referral up to 3 levels deep and gaining a position in the Company Staking reward program.
What's the Staking Reward Program?
It's a 2x16 company Binary Matrix reward plan for every paid/active member with spill over, giving any paid member an earning potential of $131,082 in 4 weeks referring at least 2 paid members.
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About CZGitfting

CZGitfting, is not just another coin in the jungle, it's a unique system that combines affiliate marketing and making money online.

Earn money online simply sharing your links, $0.01 for every valid clicks to your url, We pay you, yes, you heard i well...

Coinz Global is trying to build the largest Crypto-Currency community, no registration needed, to make it easier and faster to grow our network.

Unlike many other strategies you may find out there claiming to help or teach you how to start making money online, Coinz Global is Unique.

CZGitfting, Was created by a community of crypto enthusiast and lovers, with 20years combined experience of online marketing and networking.